Friday, October 31, 2008

Beyond the last page

Have you ever wished the characters you've read about in a book lived on after you turned the last page, that you had a backstage pass to their lives beyond the confines of the book's pages?

Here on The Shape of Mercy blog, Lauren, Abigail, Clarissa, and even Mercy, will live on in posts that will appear on Mondays and Fridays. We begin where the book left off. Don't have the book? Buy it here.

Get the inside story on Lauren's budding relationship with Raul, her newfound insights into her own worldview and the echoes of Mercy that resound within her. "Love, Lauren" will feature Lauren's email correspondence with Raul and his back to her.

In "Mercy's Quill," you can take a step back in time and read one of Mercy's poems and stories saved from the journal that, contrary to belief, was not burned after her trial.

Want to discuss life and love with Clarissa? Join her at the coffee shop for a latte and her unique brand of advice on the things that bring us the most joy and cause the most trouble. "Ask Clarissa" is part advice column and part colorful commentary.

In "Abigail on the Classics," octogenarian Abigail Boyles comments on the classics while giving us glimpses of the past she fought so hard to keep a secret. Want to know more about her childhood? The garden parties she and Dorothea attended? Her romance with Tom Kimura? Sure you do . . .

Abigail's devoted housekeeper will share a recipe now and then from her trove of tried and true favorites on "In the Kitchen with Esperanza." She showed you how to make an omelet. Now she will share a whole lot more.

Each Monday and Friday one of these gals will post on this blog. You are welcome and encouraged to post questions to these ladies or to the people they know and care about - except Mercy of course. She's in heaven . . .

Hope you will come by often!