Friday, February 20, 2009

Love, Lauren

Hey, Raul:

The tulips you sent me for Valentines Day are just now starting to wilt a bit. Too sad. They are still so beautiful, though. Clariss and Ryan an Esperanza wanted me to keep them in the kitchen but Abigail said absolutely not. Those flowers are mine alone. They are on my dresser and are the first thing I see when I wake up each morning.

It was a busy week and I am ready to kick back at my parents’ this weekend. I know you and Cole can’t come this time, but I secretly hope something will change and you will be able to come after all. Ryan’s going to see her sister’s new baby in Fresno, so Clarissa’s nervous about being alone with Abigail. It’s actually kind of funny. Clarissa doesn’t have too many weak spots. To see her visibly unnerved by the thought of being alone with Abigail is very interesting to me. It’s like she’s afraid Abigail will remind Clarissa there’s still so much she doesn’t know about herself. I told her that and she told me to go choke on some caviar. Hah! I nailed it and she knows it.

I suppose I should tell you it’s not going to be all sun and relaxation at my parents’ house. My dad wants to chat with me about where I see our relationship headed. Yours and my relationship, Raul. Can I call you later today? We don’t have to talk about this yet, if you don’t want to. And I am not asking you to tell me where you see us in ten years. I think my dad’s just wondering if you and I are dating right now just for the fun of it. I’ve realized I’m a lot like my dad, so whatever he wonders about, I wonder about, too. . . . Call me?

Love, Lauren

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